TTI installs and maintains secure, reliable networks for healthcare IT systems.


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Optimize Patient Care

Hospital teams must have access to a high-performing network at all times.

The Solution

New technologies and digital systems have become a crucial component of healthcare services, which means poor network infrastructure can be debilitating. To deliver top-notch patient care, your hospital and its equipment need a reliable network that supports critical services. Our engineers understand the challenges of healthcare IT and are committed to supporting your hospital’s network needs so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.
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Wireless Capability

Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity needs to be optimized for all devices.

The Solution

In hospital environments, a network must provide 24/7 connectivity for a wide range of devices, whether it’s supporting doctor’s laptops, advanced medical technologies, or voice communications. It’s essential to provide around-the-clock coverage to ensure employees are always connected and patients are always safe. At TTI, we will help you implement new wireless solutions or diagnose and address issues in your current infrastructure to ensure you have the solid healthcare network you need.
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Wired Network

No two hospitals are the same — a custom network design should reflect that.

The Solution

No two healthcare facilities or networks are the same. In order to roll out an effective wired network installation to support the backbone of your hospital, you need to partner with knowledgeable engineers who understand both the physical and digital complexities of your facility. At TTI, our experts have nearly 30 years of experience installing cutting-edge network designs that can optimize healthcare communications and operations.



Paging Systems

Deploy a modular paging system to ensure reliable communication in high-risk environments.

Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.

Network Analytics

Avoid network disruptions and downtime with a proactive IT system.


Our team will roll out a cybersecurity solution to protect your organization from emerging cyber-threats.