TTI offers custom IT support for the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry.


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Network Growth

Support future network growth in a field that continues to change.

The Solution

The manufacturing industry is developing and changing rapidly. As manufacturing begins to rely more on both information technology alongside operational technology, network connectivity has an increased impact on industrial processes. At TTI, we understand that your facility has unique needs that demand custom infrastructure and strategic solutions. That’s why our services are flexible, built-to-scale, and carried out alongside your team with 100% transparency.
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Device Demands

Emerging technologies mean constantly introducing new devices on the work-floor.

The Solution

From IoT devices to employee wearables, smart technologies are entering the manufacturing landscape at a rapid pace, and it falls to CIOs to integrate these solutions. With the help of TTI, you can ensure efficient and secure deployment to see all the benefits of these tools with none of the risks. Our expert engineers will help enable emerging manufacturing technologies and set new security standards so your business can forge a path in your industry.
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Data Security

Growing rates of cyber crime alongside widespread IoT use mean cybersecurity is increasingly important.

The Solution

Manufacturers must store, process, and share sensitive information if they are to have reliable relationships with their partners. As such, it’s vital that CIOs have security systems in place to protect their organization’s data and prevent falling victim to a costly data breach. At TTI, we can help develop cybersecurity solutions and implement best practices to keep your organization secure in an era of increased threats.



Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.

Lone Worker Systems

Increase employee safety across a range of industries by deploying a lone worker security system.

Wireless Design

We’ll help you build a wireless network tailor-made to your enterprise and its needs.
Network Analytics

Network Analytics

Avoid network disruptions and downtime with a proactive IT system.