The Growing Importance of Physical Security in Schools

No one wants to talk about physical security in schools, but with the continuing presence of threats to student safety, the problem can no longer be ignored. 

Physical safety in schools is a sensitive topic. It’s one we wish we didn’t have to write about. But school shootings are a tragic reality in the United States and someone needs to talk about it. At Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI), we are in the business of keeping people safe, no matter who those people are or what that protection looks like. That includes keeping students physically safe when they go to school.

There’s no doubt that physical safety in schools is a major point of concern in the United States. Research shows that schools are one of the top locations where people fear gun violence. Given that the US saw 1,316 school shootings between 1970 and 2019 and 170 between January and September of 2021 alone (the highest number since 1970) that fear is not unfounded. One thing that’s clear is that this is an ongoing problem that shows no signs of abating without proactive intervention. 

Keeping Weapons Out of Schools

There are a lot of fundamental changes that need to be made to prevent violent, weapon-based attacks in schools. We know that keeping weapons from getting into school buildings only addresses one part of the problem, but when it feels like so much is out of our hands, it’s important that we make every effort possible to control what we can. For many schools, that means finding ways to keep weapons from coming onto school premises. 

Historically the main ways to keep weapons out of schools have involved metal detectors, X-ray machines, or even a police presence and random searches. With recent incidents of weapons appearing in schools, some districts are trying to increase their use of these approaches. However, these standard approaches offer an imperfect solution. Not only do they seriously slow down the flow of students into the school, they can also create a feeling of being policed or viewed as a threat themselves among students. That feeling can create a sense of persecution rather than increased safety. To effectively protect students from today’s modern threats, we need a new solution that eliminates these challenges without sacrificing security. 

Evolv: The Future of School Physical Security

That solution is Evolv Express®, an AI-driven system that uses safe, ultra-low frequency, electromagnetic fields and advanced sensors to detect concealed weapons as students pass between its un-intimidating sensors. Unlike other screening methods that make you hand over your belongings or slow down your pace, Evolv Express can screen everyone who enters a space without any changes to their behavior. That means no slowing down, no handing over your bag, no wanding, nothing. Students simply pass through the Evolv Express system as if it wasn’t there and get screened as they go. 

That may sound too good to be true, but Evolv Express can fully screen up to 3,600 people an hour. That’s 60 people a minute, or one per second. No standard weapons screening technology can boast those kinds of numbers. 

Evolv Express doesn’t just tell you if a person has a weapon on their body — it also tells you where the weapon is. The system uses clear, visual alerts that include photographs to focus your security professionals’ time and effort on addressing the exact location of each detected threat. 

For any school looking to increase their physical security and keep weapons from entering school grounds in the first place, Evolv Express is a groundbreaking new solution that should be on the radar. 

Learn How to Make Schools More Secure

No matter how much we would prefer to not think about it, school violence is a reality that needs to be addressed. At TTI, our job is to keep people safe. While we often fill that role by offering cybersecurity solutions, we also believe it is our job to make sure the students and staff who enter school buildings every day can do so without any fear. 

That’s why we made it our business to find a screening solution that can identify weapons on individuals as they enter school grounds so security professionals can take steps immediately to address the potential threat before a crisis occurs. If you’re serious about boosting physical security in your school and you want to learn if Evolv Express might be the right solution for you, contact the team at TTI today

By Craig Badrick

December 21, 2021

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