Protecting Your Employees from Harm

In today’s environment, wireless technology isn’t just a way to make sure that you and your employees are connected to the Internet as quickly and as reliably as possible. While that is important, recent advancements have made it possible to take things so much further and extend the general benefits of wireless into the realm of employee protection. Nobody wants to think about an unfortunate or dangerous situation taking place within the confines of your business, but in a way you have to – it’s always better to be prepared, especially in this case. There are several ways that you can use wireless technology to start protecting your employees from harm today.

Duress Alarm Systems

One of the most important advancements to come along in quite some time has to do with duress alarm systems. Gone are the days of fixed panic buttons installed on walls, under desks and other static locations. While these can be helpful when within arms reach, they become useless when they are beyond your grasp. Today’s duress systems combine the peace of mind and functionality of legacy duress alarms, with the convenience and mobility of a wireless alarm.  The duress device itself is completely mobile, meaning that it can be used in much the same way that something like a cell phone can with one very important difference – it’s solely designed to alert both you and a response team in your building that a dangerous situation is either occurring or is about to occur.

No matter where your employee happens to be, just one press of a button can alert everyone else to the situation. One of the most important features of these types of devices is that they are inherently discrete. They provide an instant alert to a high-stakes security situation and also transmit location information at the same time. In just a few quick seconds you can know exactly who is pressing their duress alarm and where in the building or on the grounds they’re located, giving you access to complete and actionable information that you can use to decide exactly what to do next.

Lone Worker

The need to control expenses and protect staff can sometimes be at odds. Lone worker alarms are designed to protect workers who may be by themselves and away from the rest of your workforce. There are three different types of alarms that can be triggered depending on the situation – man-down alarms, duress alarms and no-response alarms. Not only does this take things to the next level by giving you more information about a particularly dangerous situation, but it also eliminates the need for you to institute a “Buddy System” policy for your business. In many ways, the lone worker device itself IS the employee’s “buddy” in this situation. These alarms are completely wireless, allowing them to cover certain “out of the way” places that employees may have to venture to like rooftops, secluded work areas and more; or an entire building or campus. Completely modular, they can grow as your needs dictate.  They can even be great for covering remote buildings like power plants and waste water treatment areas. The alert can be configured to alert both on-site and off-site staff when it gets triggered or even both depending on the specifics of the situation that your employees find themselves in.

It’s time to start protecting your employees. Contact TTI today!

By Craig Badrick


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