TTI offers full-stack IT and network support for your school district’s needs.


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Empower Education

Districts need reliable networks to enable lesson plans and learning.

The Solution

Whether your district is deploying a 1:1 initiative or investing in new edtech solutions, modern schools must dedicate significant attention to their networks. At TTI, our experts will partner with your schools and districts to help meet network goals and enable growth in the future. We've partnered with hundreds of schools to design and install networks that serve as a foundation to achieve the full potential of a connected educational experience.
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Device Demands

Introducing new technologies to the classroom can be a challenge.

Device Demands

From tablets to IoT devices, new technologies are entering the classroom every single day. It falls to school CTOs to securely integrate these devices to maximize personalized learning and enable new skills. TTI can help your schools reap the benefits these devices offer without the risk and complications. By working with your district leaders to develop BYOD policies and set new security standards, your students can receive an education that prepares them for a tech-driven future.
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E-rate Experts

Securing and maximizing E-rate funding requires significant effort.

The Solution

Before investing in a new wired infrastructure or the latest edtech tools, your districts may need to secure E-rate funding for financial support. But even when you receive this funding, it can be difficult to allocate your budget meaningfully and see tangible results. For years, TTI has helped schools understand, secure, and make the most of their technology funding with successful network initiatives.



Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.

Duress Alarms

We built our own duress alarm, TTI Guardian, to help your employees out of a worst-case scenario.

Wireless Design

We’ll help you build a wireless network tailor-made to your enterprise and its needs.

Site Survey

Our experts will carry out a meticulous site survey to ensure a seamless network installation.