Why You Should Buy Your Physical Security Solutions from an IT Company

Security solutions are essential for every organization, but you shouldn’t just purchase them from the first source you see. Instead, you should buy your physical security solutions from an IT company. Learn why.

As unsettling as it is, the unfortunate reality is that we are never 100% safe from physical threats. Break-ins happen every day at our homes and offices — even school buses have been targeted by thieves. Mass shootings are on the rise and have occurred in everything from schools to newsrooms in recent years. To avoid falling victim, individuals and organizations alike need to do everything possible to protect themselves, which means investing in security solutions.

The right security solution can serve as an extra pair of eyes that never blinks or tires. A security solution can even act like a guard dog, quickly alerting you of physical threats. However, you can’t buy your security solutions from just anyone.

To make the most of your investment, ensure you’re in the best possible position to deter bad actors, and even avoid falling victim to non-physical threats such as those posed by cybercriminals, you need to purchase quality and interoperable physical security solutions from an IT company. Read on to learn more about the critical importance of high-quality security solutions and of buying those solutions from IT experts.

The Importance of Quality, Interoperable Security Solutions

Having working security solutions is vital for every organization, whether you’re a manufacturing plant, government agency, K-12 school district, or anything else. Without quality, properly installed security systems, you’ll leave yourself exposed to physical security risks.

Even if you have multiple security solutions in place, that may not be enough to stay protected. After all, if these solutions are siloed and can’t quickly exchange information, you’ll face significant delays when it comes to preventing a threat from succeeding.

For example, imagine that an unauthorized person enters your building via tailgating. Your cameras will pick up footage of the person, but if your camera can’t communicate with your access control system, you’ll need to notice the person and take manual steps to prevent them from getting deeper into your building. While having that footage means you might be able to manually reconstruct their path by combining information from your cameras and access control systems after the fact, it will be much more difficult to stop them in their tracks. Even if you do realize there is an unauthorized person in your building before it’s too late, you’ll have a much slower reaction time, giving that person plenty of time to potentially wreak havoc throughout your organization. And all that is only possible if the systems were correctly installed in the first place — something that is rarely a given with standard security companies.

On the other hand, imagine if you had properly-installed, smart, interoperable security cameras. These cameras can automatically detect the suspicious intruder, communicate that information to your access control system, and block that person from getting further into the building. Instead of navigating through a series of siloed security solutions, everything can be done in one simple step. Having properly-installed interoperable security solutions means fast, seamless communication that allows you to quickly take action against physical threats.

To save time and energy and shorten your response time to threats, you need to invest in interoperable physical security solutions that work together, communicating automatically to give you a full and up-to-date picture of your security status. Interoperable solutions don’t just eliminate the need to dedicate time and personnel to manually combining information from various systems, removing the risk of human error that is inherent to siloed security products. They also make it much easier for you to take action against threats quickly, even simplifying automated threat prevention measures thanks to the systems’ communication.

Why You Need to Buy Security Solutions from an IT Company

You might’ve noticed us mentioning the importance of having “properly-installed” solutions. That’s because, when it comes to physical security solutions, who you buy from is just as important as what you purchase. All too often, we see organizations buying thousands of dollars worth of top-of-the-line security solutions from traditional security providers, only to wind up with products that don’t function properly and leave them vulnerable to the same threats they were trying to avoid in the first place. Anything from a broken switch, to a lack of communication between devices, to network compatibility issues can prevent a security solution from doing its job correctly. The problem is that traditional security companies don’t understand the IT side of things, meaning they are unprepared to address these issues preemptively.

Buying those same solutions from an IT company solves that problem. That’s because IT companies understand all the ins and outs of building an effective security infrastructure. These companies, like Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI), are incredibly familiar with the many security solutions on the market and can even perform thorough evaluations to determine which purchases you need (and which ones you don’t!) to keep your organization secure. They’ll be able to guide you toward the security products that best fit your organization’s needs, avoiding or resolving any potential compatibility issues along the way.

But that’s not all. IT companies don’t just help you decide which security solution investments are worthwhile, they also take care of the installation process to ensure optimal performance. Instead of worrying about broken switches and siloed solutions that can’t communicate with one another, you can sit back and let the IT experts handle everything with the confidence that, once they’re through, your solutions will be installed, optimized, and ready to go!

Purchase From TTI To Make The Most Of Your Security Solutions

When it comes to security solutions, you have to pay attention to who exactly you’re buying from. A traditional security company and an IT company may both sell the same product, but you’ll only receive the IT expertise necessary to keep your organization and network safe from one of the two. Traditional security companies just won’t cut it. However, when you purchase security solutions from an IT company, they can ensure your solutions work, help you make the most of your purchase, and even help protect your organization from hackers.

Are you ready to buy new security solutions that can help protect your organization from cybercriminals and physical threats? TTI is here to help! We have everything you might need to optimize your organization’s security, from smart cameras to firewalls, plus everything in between. And you’ll receive expert guidance and assistance to ensure each product works optimally along with your new purchase! At TTI, we have over three decades of experience with a wide range of security solutions and can help you get the most out of your investment to bring your security to the next level.

Contact us today to learn more about how our security offerings can make a difference for your organization!

By Robert Elgart


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