TTI helps county courthouses, municipal buildings, and other government agencies stay secure and efficient.


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Wired Network

Government agencies require a powerful wired infrastructure to deliver the speed and reliability they need.

The Solution

To stay on top of urgent government demands, it’s important that government agency offices are equipped with the proper wired infrastructure to support lightning fast speeds. And the best way to deliver fast, stable internet is to build a wired network with the support of an industry-trusted professional. At TTI, we will help build and install a customized network that helps your government office gain efficiencies and achieve your long term goals.
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Physical Security

It’s of utmost importance that government facilities and sites are secure from physical threats.

The Solution

Government buildings need to keep their physical security solutions up to date or otherwise put sensitive records — and personnel — at risk. Luckily, the rise of smart cameras, visual analytics software, and advanced duress alarms have made security systems more effective than ever before. At TTI, we are dedicated to bringing these new solutions to your location to ensure you’re protected from external threats, whether you’re a municipal courthouse or a utility authority.
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Data Security

As cyber crime rises, government data must be protected and secured from emerging threats.

The Solution

Government-targeted malware and cybercrime continue to rise across the nation, with major cities and small town municipal offices alike facing the risk of losing sensitive information. At TTI, we can help you combat these threats with our dedicated cybersecurity services designed to keep your valuable data safe. From installing hyper-converged backup systems to firewalling your network periphery, we’ll help you design and implement a data security solution for your specific needs.



Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.

Duress Alarms

We built our own duress alarm, TTI Guardian, to help your employees out of a worst-case scenario.


Our team will roll out a cybersecurity solution to protect your organization from emerging cyber-threats.

Network Assessment

Improve network performance and support integral operations with detailed reports of your current IT system.