Physical Security Products

From reliable incident response alarms to smart video surveillance equipment, our wide range of security products can help keep you safe.

At TTI, we make and sell state-of-the-art physical security solutions guaranteed to keep your organization secure. Whether you need a smart camera system for your campus or a lone worker alarm for your employees, our catalog has something for everyone.

Guardian Alarms


Guardian Duress Alarm

TTI’s Guardian Duress Alarm is a personal duress alarm solution that strengthens safety protocols and improves response times for organizations in health care, education, government, and more.

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Guardian Lone Worker Alarm

TTI’s Guardian Lone Worker alarm is a duress alarm system that combines the function of a man down alarm with a no-response alarm to improve security for remote workers across industries.

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HD Video Surveillance / Analytics

Keep your physical sites monitored and well-guarded

Whether you need to secure assets, protect your employees, or monitor your site, we’ll help you design a security plan with the industry’s most impressive solutions.

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Paging Systems

Stay in the loop with security incidents

Equip your security teams and key personnel with high-quality pagers that connect right to the alarm system. We’ve designed our pagers to work in any application and in any setting.

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