TTI delivers network support for petrochem facilities with precision and reliability.


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Plant Network Connectivity

Plant managers and employees require 24/7 network access.

The Solution

Petrochem plant managers face the daunting task of ensuring safe and reliable networking solutions for their workers at all times of the day. Providing network access to personnel any time, anywhere, while still maintaining the highest level of network security is no easy feat — but with TTI, plant managers can entrust this work to a team of experts with extensive experience in wireless deployment and optimization.
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Security and Compliance

Cyber crime is rising and plant managers need to be prepared for new threats.

The Solution

Building safe and compliant networks for petrochem plants is a must. But not only do the physical structures of petrochemical facilities pose tremendous challenges in and of themselves, most petrochem networks aren’t built with adequate security measures in place. With cyber crime rising every day, plant managers need networks that are designed with security and the latest industry regulations in mind. A partnership with TTI and our ISNetworld A+ rated team will ensure 24/7 access to reliable and secure networks.
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Network Installation

Petrochem plants are complex and require tailored network installations.

The Solution

Every petrochem facility is built with unique conditions. In order to roll out an effective network installation in your plant, you need a partner with the ability to work in challenging environments. At TTI, our experts have nearly 30 years of experience in performing detailed site surveys in tricky petrochem environments. Our engineers have the requisite qualifications to install cutting-edge networks for plants of all shapes and sizes.



Network Analytics

Avoid network disruptions and downtime with a proactive IT system.

Network Assessment

Improve network performance and support integral operations with detailed reports of your current IT system.

Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.

Site Survey

Our experts will carry out a meticulous site survey to ensure a seamless network installation.