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TTI designs, scales, and installs future-proof wireless networks for large public venues.

Create a World Class Experience

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High User Density

Large venues mean large numbers of visitors demanding reliable wireless connectivity.


The Solution

From convention centers to sport complexes, large public venues present a challenge in the high density of users. In today’s digital climate, everyone expects dependable, high-speed WiFi no matter where they are. As such, it’s critical to equip venues with crowd-pleasing wireless connectivity and usable bandwidth. At TTI, our experts have the experience and certifications to bring secure and scalable solutions to even the most challenging environments.

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Outdoor Access

Outdoor connectivity requires meticulous planning and ongoing maintenance.


The Solution

Despite recent advances in both wireless and wired technology, many outdoor venues still suffer from sub-par wireless access. When it comes to connectivity, geography shouldn’t be an issue. By partnering with TTI, large venues can worry less about connectivity and focus on creating world-class experiences for guests. Our experts will create a customized point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or outdoor solution to ensure your next big event runs smoothly.

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Network Design

For large venues, network designs need to be tailored to specific venue needs.


The Solution

To optimize large venue connectivity, IT teams must build and install a network infrastructure that addresses the unique needs and challenges of the location. When extending the network with traditional cabling presents a challenge, turn to TTI’s expertise. Our award-winning engineers will work alongside your teams to design a built-to-measure infrastructure that supports your large venue’s wireless performance, resiliency, and scalability.

Featured Services

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Camera Systems

Protect assets and personnel with a high-definition surveillance system designed to scale with your needs.

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Site Survey

Our experts will carry out a meticulous site survey to ensure a seamless network installation.

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Network Analytics

Avoid network disruptions and downtime with a proactive IT system.

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Structured Cabling

Support your mission-critical communications with state-of-the-art copper and fiber cabling solutions.

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